Sa, 15.04.2017 „Pillorian (ex-Agalloch et al.), Valborg & Support”

Unaussprechliche Culthe präsentiert:

„Pillorian”  (ex-AGALLOCH et al. ~ Portland, USA ~ Black Metal) &

„Valborg” (Bonn, DE ~ German Metal Monster. Categorization is difficult.) &

Einlass: 20:00 Uhr   -   Beginn: 20:30 Uhr

Ak: 15,- €
FB Link und Ticket:

Konzert Besucher haben kostenlosen Eintritt zur
"Electric Ballroom Party "in der Sputnikhalle um 23 Uhr


PILLORIAN was formed in early Summer of 2016 by Stephen Parker (Maestus, ex-Arkhum), John Haughm (ex-Agalloch), and Trevor Matthews (Uada, ex-Infernus) with the goal to create a unique, sinister, and twisted style of dark/black metal. Fusing haunting melodies with avantgarde structures, dark folk elements and blackened walls of furious sound; the music of Pillorian is the perfect aural definition of its namesake. The band recently signed to Eisenwald Records in Germany and will be releasing their debut album in 2017.VALBORG may very well have been the best-kept secret in the German dark death metal underground for over a decade now, even though none else then Tom Warrior (Triptykon, ex-Celtic Frost) sang their praise on numerous occasions. Due to their primitive yet unique style and the band's decision to record everything live, their shows are a manifestation of pure heaviness and destructive energy. With their outstanding live performance it is no surprise that they already earned a precious slot at the prestigious Roadburn Festival back in 2010 and will return there for a second show in 2017. Following 2016's Werwolf EP Valborg will release their 6th full length "Endstrand" in April 2017. Suitable for fans of Triptykon, Ved Buens Ende, Celtic Frost, Killing Joke and Type O Negative.


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